Madras — City that breathes love!

Ever wondered why do you like a city? It’s not the city you fall in love’s the love people in the city give you. 
MADRAS - The city that breathes love . 
It feels proud to call myself a Chennaite but saying "I am a Madrasi at heart" gives the real feel. It’s this city where you can wake up to a sunrise at Bessy . City where you can hear the waves tell it loves you. City where you feel serenity of the sea in moonlight! City where you can start your day with heavenly fragrance of filter kaapi.
City where nothing can replace idli dosa and chutney sambar. City where you go to temples for puliyodarai! What’s better than maanga and Sundal? Yummm!! 
City where you can drive on the never ending roads along the coast. 
Ever busy city , where people hope to cross madhya kailash into OMR before traffic sets in. City where people love culture, tradition and you. City where you have a simple living. City where you find innocent and humble people. City where you can walk out safe in the midnight. City where people understand tan-glish! City where people unite during floods and storms. City where the youth roars to protest. City where you can have a 'whistle podu' moment watching enga thala hit a six. City where you can go to Moore market for antique books. City where you go to satyam just for the popcorn. City filled with love. It’s this city which nurtured me. City where I fell in love! City where I made deepest bonds! City where I can trust people! City where I feel safe! City who made me! City where my heart lies!