My transpersonal Story!

We are always fond of change and longing for something new to happen. As I have been living in a city, the life of a village has always been attractive to me. My 3 day travel to tirupur was indeed a transpersonal journey. It was too late by the time I woke up and realised I am in coimbatore and my destination had crossed an hour back. For a moment it felt like " I have lost my way and I am alone" but the question 'so what' answered all my questions!! I did not know that moving through the fear , trusting strangers would help me find myself on the otherside. So my journey begins.. I am in tirupur after my miles of lost travel! No one enjoys their sound of alarm clock going off in the mornings it’s nice to start your day with warbling of the birds and complete silence. There’s nothing quite like the brisk spring air floating through and waking you up. The pace of life is slow you don’t have to push things it all starts early on a peaceful note. People here are pure at their heart and innocence sparkles through their eyes. They don’t have much to live a lavish life but they have world’s biggest thing called happiness. It feels nice when you see them welcoming to their homes and pouring out with love and affection . There’s a big sense of emotional connectedness among people. It’s nice to see the way they nurture their kids not being protective and letting them explore their ways where you can learn it’s so important to encourage every being’s sense of adventure and self-confidence. There’s a sense of closeness and trust which can even transcend the physical boundry. The sky is clear and you can embrace it’s beauty in the night with thousands of stars twinkling. Life is long and apt , people here don’t wait for a magic to happen. They are happy and contented with what they have. The real flavor was the workshop which actually made me realise.. City or town or village it all depends on us. If you envy others you will continue to do so wherever you stay. If you get angry hurting your ego it’s immaterial where you stay. If you compare to people and lose peace of your mind then you will find other shore to be beautiful. If you are anxious about future you will be unhappy anywhere you are. If you are stuck in your past it spoils your life anywhere you are. The real truth is that outside world doesn’t promise any better future. May be it can add to a better lifestyle but it is important to realise that real is lying dormant within you and you need to explore it. Reaching the high spirits of your soul and realisation on how a transmedial working is envisaged as a new model for co-creation that crosses media and builds strength through stages and states of awareness.It felt like, exploring a little to dive into the spiritual ocean inside, listening to your soul.