What lies hidden…

Embracing the darkness…

Engulfed in darkness where there was nothing to see,

A poor soul was desperately trying to be free.

Like a bolt of lightening the truth struck him,

Like a hollow sand castle, his entire world collapsed infornt of him.

“This can’t be true, this just can’t be it”,

His reluctant heart tried to fight what his brain already saw fit.

"Why would they do this? Why would they lie?"

"Why would they hide me from the people I share a tie?"

Like the turbulent surface of water after being hit by a stone,

As reality haunted him, he felt more and more alone.

"What do I do? In whom should I confide?"

"The words that I overheard, which killed my soul and let my body survive…"

Every emotion, every word, every relation seemed hollow,

Everything felt scary because of the consequences that he knew would follow.

Motionless he lay, nothing seemed to make sense,

As his world today was robbed of it’s beautiful essence.

"It won’t end like this, I’ll make them pay!”

“They won’t let me go back, so, here I shall stay!”

“What they meant to me is in the past, what I’ll do to them they will never be able see!”

“I’ll share this darkness with them that currently embraces me!”

His tearful eyes made everything unclear,

He made up his mind no matter how everything to him felt dear.

To seek vengeance on his fake authenticity,

His clouded mind not realizing his biggest fallacy…