How saying ‘no’ saved me last week
Devin Kate Pope

The dilemma of how to say NO is indeed an experience that most freelancers feel resonated.

I once had a client who requested me to stand by after submitting the work as there maybe some small amendments needed. It sounded reasonable so I was fine to do so.

But what she called “small amendments” was to write several more articles for related topics. She did apologise to me as she forgot to mention there were extra parts added into the project. The amount of new writings were roughly 30%-40% of my submitted work, and it was great that she could increase the budget for 5% as compensation.

When this happened for the first time, I did trust her that it is just a careless mistake and felt fine to do more work. But similar requests were made for the second and the third times from the same client.

Adding extra parts in writing project often happens which is normally not a big problem, but it’s unusual to happen everytime just right after I handed in the finished work, and amendments are not supposed to be writing whole new things.

So I started to suspect if there are anything tricky. I am not sure if I will work for the same client. Maybe I will try to request for reasonable rewards, if I got rejected then just say No.