Gliding Discs Core Sliders-Perfect

Gliding Discs Core Sliders-Perfect for Cardio, CrossFit, Fitness, Stability, Abdominal and Total Body Workout-Dual Sided for Use on Carpets or Hard Floors-Set of 2 Exercise Sliders

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Original price:$12.99,

Discounted price:$3.9

VERSATILE AND EFFECTIVE: Incredible for all levels of sports and fitness trainings. It is also a great supplement for dance workouts, Pilates, strengthening moves or even yoga. You can effectively lose weight, build muscles and improve balance and flexibility when work out with gliding discs

LOW IMPACT: Through the continuous and effortless movements, the low impact way of exercises increase your strength and mobility without putting strain on your body and reduce stress on your joints and tendons. You can work out hard with less risk of injury

WORK ON NEARLY ALL SURFACES: We designed them for real world use. The fabric side protects your hard floors while smooth side slides on carpet. You can use them on a gym surface, at home on a carpet, on hardwood, laminate or tile


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