Women’s shoes no matter her age, height, or weight are not just shoes…they are a STATEMENT. A pair of FLATS shows our groundedness, PUMPS tell the world we are all business, and HIGH HEELED leather boots or shoes declare toughness. A woman’s shoes are a reflection of who she is, and where she aspires to be UNIQUE shoes take you UNIQUE places. Shoenique Shoe Collection was BIRTHED based on the idea that a woman’s choice of shoes speaks volumes about her confidence, class, and UNIQUE Style! “Style is the way we say who we are without SPEAKING”-Rachel Zoe!. Our mission here at Shoenique Shoe Collection is to make the perfect connection with fashion and affordability, that allows women ages 20–50 years old to express themselves freely with a UNIQUE stylish pair of shoes at an affordable price. I spent over 20 years working in the corporate world as well as 3 years selling luxury vehicles, and my daughter Raven has been working in the hair and fashion world for the past 5 years so rather you are looking for the perfect sexy stylish shoe for a night out on the town to a comfortable yet stylish work shoe we have you covered ladies. We aim to provide fashion forward women with stylish, sexy, UNIQUE shoes at an attractive price. Why change to FIT fashion when you can change fashion to FIT you! Be on the lookout for our sister store coming soon “DOLLED UP COLLECTION”


Based in Ann Arbor, MI

Owned/Operated by Tenicia Hinton and Raven Hinton a mother/daughter duo who believe in women expressing themselves by being different expressing your UNIQUE style and character through fashion.

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