I walked out of the Brisbane Writers Festival Keynote Address. This is why.
Yassmin Abdel-Magied

Do Read Lionel Shriver’s Speech

It isn’t fully clear to me why I find Ms. Abdel-Magied’s piece so memorable. It might be due to its unfairness, a tone it attributes to Lionel Shriver’s speech, a context it erases from it, quotes (well, things in quotation marks) never quoted, and an assertion that it is the last word because it doesn’t really wish to hear any more. It might also be due to a worry it leaves me with that any response would offend some and that a silence, here and in fiction*, is the only safe thing.

So I’ll remain (pretty) silent. I must, however, post a link to Ms. Shriver’s own words as I believe is courteous and right if we are going to disagree with and listen to other people in new, better ways.

*Fiction, remember, where we can be brave, or free from self-censorship, or free to cultivate other voices and modes of seeing outside our limited identities.