the airline industry has about a hundred possible prices for each customer.
How Facebook and Google could disrupt the subscription model for news
Frederic Filloux

Yes, but consider how your average bloke feels about the airline industry on their scale from ambivalence to near-total disgust. Publishing is very different. Dynamic pricing can target the marginal consumer in a business that is as differentiated as a utility and with pricing power bumped up around regional duopolies; it is much, much harder to replicate in a publishing world where the New York Times now competes with The Guardian, where both in fact feel essential (along with 7 other publications), and where trust and affection are crucial to the reader’s sense of value in the newsprint.

This isn’t a case of a business being hamstrung by its principles. Its principles are the business. Hence the ‘Chinese wall’, and dumb pricing and a tote bag.

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