The key to stay afloat in a world in constant evolution is to know how to face changes with innovative ideas and a vision straight to the future. For that purpose we founded Mantaray, a software development company for web and mobile devices, based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Mantaray was born in 2015, as a company focused on providing agile and effective solutions to face the needs of our customers, by applying the knowledge acquired through more than 20 years of combined experience and performance as programmers.

What makes us different from any other software company in our country is that we specialize in disruptive and interactive technologies, such as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. We are experts in using agile methodologies and modern processes, which allow us to face changes in ongoing projects, making development time short.

Our founding team is composed by two highly experienced software developers: Jorge Hebrard (Chief Executive Officer) and Matías San Martín (Creative Director). Besides being co-workers, we are bonded by friendship and passion for what we do as programmers.

We are young entrepreneurs willing to break barriers between the real and the virtual, using and combining our expertise in software development with the latest gadgets. We strongly believe the world is ready for the next technological jump and we want to be part of it.

Our company aims to achieve the satisfaction of our client, providing personalized services and always keeping in mind a good feedback for optimal results, and of course, we want them to enjoy a pleasant and funny experience in the fantastic world of Virtual Reality.


Jorge Hebrard (CEO): Jorge went through a lot of previous experiences working for different software companies before co-founding Mantaray. He’s passionate about disruptive technology and agile development. He’s always looking for ways to optimize people’s day. Hobbies: Barman, Beer Tasting.

Matías San Martín (Creative Director): Game designer by nature, software developer by chance. Matias is the communication bridge between his team members. He’s also a witty mind always looking for creative solutions to tough problems. His hobby is literature, and Magic The Gathering.

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