The need for well designed website

First impression is important and it can be lasting. In many cases, it is the first thing that a user sees when they get to your website. Even if you have an excellent product or service, but your website is poorly designed you may lose customer interest.

Well thought website design is important. Website often have better conversion rates, provide a lot more value for the client and as a result, generate more sales. That’s why proper web design helps you build trust, which will lead to better conversions.

Recently, we redesigned an e-commerce website which resulted in significantly improved conversion rates across all channels, even some keywords skyrocketed to first page in Google search results.

Conversion funnel

Key factors to note:

  • Performance (loading times);

After a redesign we noticed old marketing campaigns started performing poorly and needed to adjusted. In time marketing campaigns will adapt, conversion rate will improve even further. For the time being, we can say “Yay”, client received a lot more sales and spent less on marketing to achieve same goals.

When everything is done right — every party in a project is happy. Probably I should have quoted more for the project…



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Mantas Skripkauskas

Mantas Skripkauskas


Founder of a web development studio —, based in Vilnius specialising in custom web & web application development within various sectors.