Zio Ziegler

Bay Area native, muralist, sculptor, painter, man.

How did you get into art? when? what age?

“I started silkscreening in the 6th grade, selling shirts making money and also making apparel for skate shops.”

Any inspirations? What made you want to do art?

“I was very into skate culture, punk, do it yourself products and also the concept of audiences.”

Where did you grow up? What schools did you attend?

“I grew up in the bay area. Attended prep school, there they were not open to art, especially murals because they are very liberal. It benefitted me.”

Have you ever done graffiti?

“I was never very into graffiti, but I’m into a concept called ‘free internet’ and wildstyle ideas, or the free galleries and blackbooks.”

How do you come up with an idea for a mural? How do you get the materials?

“No murals I do are planned, I make them on the spot. It’s painted in my mind backwards then I paint it. Mistakes happen and its like a chess game with strategies and thinking, a sequence of moves. I use emotion while painting.”

Music taste?

“I like all kinds of music but while I paint murals I like to listen to e-books to keeps my mind stimulated and it often inspires my paintings.”

When did you know you wanted to do art for a living?

“I dont know if I want to do art for a living still, I’m trying to choose a path. Murals, canvas, sculpting, I try to reinvent himself every day. Its hard to make a living, you’re doing art all day everyday. Having an assistant and manager really helps a lot less for you to worry about.”

Do you have any favorite colors to work with?

“My favorite colors are always changing.”

How may international murals have you done? Were you looked at differently?

“I don’t know how many murals I’ve done, but I’m trying to use less spray paint. But I’m not trying to be associated with street art or graffiti. Spray paint is unhealthy.”

“There are two types of artists, sponsored artists or art for art.”

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