Let’s go from this way, in this way.......

Slowly slowly with empty hand in empty pocket.
By Walking going simply, what’s need to run.
Why? For what? We can walk, why to hurry?
here why to go for use of car, bike or cycle.
Let’s go this way only, sense the oncoming air.
Look passing people, look surround of road.
Feel the environment, take from this enjoyment.
Very alone, yeah! without anybody,
Thoughtless mind, heart without anxiety.
On road walking simply.
This hand in pocket, smile on visage.
Seeing the bright side of way.
Yeah! There are many, I am going
in that what to take everybody.
A group of friends want for walking,
Atleast two must be, why?
God gave two legs, is not that much enough!
Alone walking doesn’t mean all leaved me.
For a work if alone going, means alone I am enough!
Let’s go ahead, what to be frighten.
If any mistake happens, let it happen.
If come across any bother,
Then don’t forget we have power.
Let’s enjoy the way, no hurry slowly slowly.
Alone like lion in forest, not with everybody.
Fearlessly keep on going and enjoy.




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