‘She’ Vs ‘They’

I am in a phase of life where I have partially been before. The phase of leaving or what is better known as farewell (from current educational institute). The feeling is same as it was while I was nearing the end of my school life. But along with the sadness of leaving behind a bunch of friends and my home, there was a sense of excitement, of much awaited college life. I therefore began by mentioning that I have felt this partially, because unlike then, at present I have no excitement of any future, and most importantly, unlike now, at that point, I was luckily not in this awful dilemma of ‘SHE’ vs. ‘THEY’

This college, this city and this environment has given me a lot. I have created memories that I could happily cherish throughout my life. Here, I have made friends for life- the ones who shall always stay by me, with me and for me. The emotional attachments that will the most difficult one to overcome will be that of these special friends. So, in this little honest piece, the word THEY represents the inseparable part of me- my friends. However, this college life had never been any miser. Although I would have happily survived with this bunch of THEY, my college life has been an overwhelming magical wand, and had also made me meet my soul mate. The ultimate person of life, who successfully yet surprisingly but fortunately could convert from just a friend to more than a friend to even more than that and finally, SHE. With all the guesses of fellow readers going into right direction, the word SHE in this piece resembles to but no other person than my girlfriend(as my civilized friends would call her); my maal(as my close friends would call her); my love(as my committed friends would call her); ‘my name’ wadi(as the unknowns would call her).

Firstly, both SHE and THEY have never asked me to choose either of them, and I consider myself super lucky for this. But I feel so dreadful at times where I am often fumbled and baffled in making few decisions. For instance, RAEES is set to hit the theaters. It’s a must watch, but for me there is a step further, It’s a must watch with both- SHE & THEY. SRK, the king of romance, with Mahira khan, in a fabulously crafted chemistry, dancing and singing songs could prove to be an amazing experience with SHE. The attitude, punchy dialogues and rough background score has to be experienced with screams and whistles and cheers and claps; for this I might be with THEY. Her holding hand cannot be paralleled even by extreme fun with them. And no amount of her warmth could ever replace the immeasurable energies I feel while with them. It’s never only about movies. A visit to a highway dhaba on a bike (three sitting instead of two) and a date at a coffee shop, both tempts me abundantly. Uselessly roaming and silently sitting in a corner, both weigh equally for me. Wasting time gossiping and chatting unendingly, both is loved by me.

At times I feel like putting myself in a flight mode, because I feel that to take some big decision for life is such an easy task then to keep choosing between two equally loving things all the time. However, SHE vs. THEY has made me more mature. Astonishingly, it has made me realize the importance of both of them. I genuinely start to think and care more for both, because I realize that they mean so much to me. In the middle of this, I am digging my way towards the end of my journey. With not so much of time left, I am all prepared to bid adieu to my college, my city, my THEY and my SHE. I love you both.