Teach Chotu and Defeat China

Surrounded by mountains on all the four sides, with winter approaching amidst growing tensions, Chinese troops, yet again, are looking straight into the eyes of our soldiers, challenging us. Their eyes seem to have no sense of morality, no guilt, no shame. How do you deal with such ruthless neighbors? One thing is very clear; the real threat to India is not from Pakistan, but from China. We are far better than Pakistan in terms of Political stability, Economic standing and even in Military strength. The main challenge before India is the People’s Republic of China. Both the countries, India and China, got freedom almost at the same time (India-1947, Chinese Revolution- 1949). Yet China happens to be one of the world’s leading economy as well as a formidable military strength.

To understand the military strength of China it is very much essential to first understand the Chinese Economy. To keep it simple, in the layman’s language, the annual exports of China are more than their imports, a situation totally opposite to that of India. China is the world’s leading economy and its overall export to the world is a staggering $2.3 trillion (which if converted to Rs and in simple digits, is more than 1 crore crore Rupees!). This speaks volumes of China’s manufacturing capabilities and its remarkably developed Industrial sector. One can only call it remarkable, if one knows the situation of India. Indian import from other countries is an incredible amount of Rs 24 lakh crore, while our export to other countries is a mere Rs 16 lakh crore!

Every country has its ‘Forex Reserves’ and it’s ‘Import Cover’. What are these? Simply put, for example during heavy rains, say, we store a good amount of food items in circumstances of being cut off from the market. These food items will be called our ‘Reserves’ and the maximum days for which the food items can last for the entire family is called our ‘Import Cover’. So, in the difficult times, the house with more reserves tends to be carefree and the one with the lesser reserves tends to be worried. Interestingly, India has the world’s 8th biggest Forex Reserve, even bigger than USA, and its import cover (the time for which our country can function in the case of a total shut down of exports and imports) is 6 months. However the same import cover for China is an astounding 2 years, the highest in the world. This means that, if we go to war and suppose the entire world puts a ban on both the countries, then china could still survive for 2 long years, and India on the contrary for only 6 months! This is one of the main reasons behind China being totally unafraid of India and taking an aggressive stand towards India.

This is just half of the problem. The bigger and the most thought provoking matter is this. It’s been 70 years since our Independence, and we are still heavily dependent on countries like Russia, France, USA and Israel for our Defense Equipments. The Indian Defense Manufacturing industry is not sufficiently developed and as a result we import everything from other countries, right from the bofors tanks to the Rafael aircrafts. India spends heavily in purchasing weapons from other countries. It is time we change this situation. It is high time we become self reliant in manufacturing Bullets, Guns, Tanks, Aircrafts, Submarines, Air Craft Carriers and many other weapons.

Hence, in my view, what we need to do in order to turn this idea into a reality is, just, to teach the Chotu playing in a nearby street. It is shocking that only 8.15% of India’s population are Graduates. To fulfill the dream of becoming self reliant in our manufacturing sector, what we require the most is not capital, land or entrepreneurships.The need of the hour is Education. One brilliant boy was born in Rameshwaram, and with his hard work and talent he revolutionized the Missile Industry in India and made us self reliant in that sector. Chotu, is every Indian child, who even if doesn’t go to school, is acceptable to us. Chotu does all our work, at home, in offices, in shops and literally everywhere. We are happy with Chotu, we feel we are tapping his potential and are making best use of him; after all we are paying him.

But, my fellow countrymen, the right places for our Chotu are the Schools, Colleges, Innovation Labs and Research Institutes in our country. Our soldiers are facing the enemies at the border, holding foreign weapons. The lack of indigenously manufactured weapons in the Indian Army, Navy and Air Force, is alarming.

It is time to do something for our soldiers. If not much let us contribute by freeing our Chotu from his work, and let his innovative mind design modern and affordable technologies, so that our brave soldiers proudly aim their Made in India guns at the enemies.