Virtual Reality — My Favorite Experience

Several years ago the company I work for brought in a member of the Blue Angel’s to give a motivational speech to the company. A member of the elite Navy flying squad, he discussed the selection process, and the training required. He was the best of the best. He walked us through the flight maneuvers; jets in tight formation flying at high speed just inches away from each other.

A few months later I went to Milwaukee Air Show and got to see them fly. Watching from the ground it was amazing to see what they were capable of.

Years later I was clicking through YouTube and a blue angels video came up. This one was different — it was in “VR”. Suddenly I was transported. I was in the cockpit. I was in control. Although I couldn’t experience the G force generated by the maneuvers — I enjoyed a far more realistic experience of a flight than I ever thought possible.

That first experience with VR — accomplished with just a 360 degree camera — opened my eyes to the possibilities of the platform. Allowing people to experience things that would never otherwise be possible. Putting them in places they couldn’t imagine, and convincing them that they were there: that is the promise of this platform. I’m excited to see how it evolves and I’m thrilled to play any role in that evolution.

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