Best New Adventure Games — Top PC Adventures to Play Now

A Brief History of Adventure Browser Games

We’re approaching this from a nostalgic view, comparing some of the most iconic Adventure browser games with the best new Adventure games from recent years.

Flash, HTML and now Unity Adventure games span way back into the history of browser gaming. Popular websites like Newgrounds and Kongregate put the power into the developer’s hands by giving them a platform to release their games without the overbearing presence of publishers or investors.

Amazing Adventure games spawned from this freedom. Heavy-duty storylines are a must — especially from a time-and-place when graphics were absolutely not the selling point of free online games. This was a time of dodgy Flash graphics, hand-drawn, most of the time, by budding game developers.

Different genres of top new online Adventure games

The Adventure category covers a vast variety of games. We’re looking forward to what we see in 2019! Some of the most popular include Escape games (Escape the Prison being of the most famous games in this category), Mystery games and Mining & Digging games based on the ever-popular Minecraft.

We all know that the vast majority of free online browser games are played by children — everyone spent hours trawling through lists of free online games, clicking through games, playing them for a minute or so, before settling on a really good one that held our attention for longer than 2 minutes.

Now many top-notch free online PC Adventure Games are built in HTML5 and Unity. They offer decent pixelated graphics, great storylines and lots of fun.

Our Favorite Latest Best Adventure Games (New and of All Time)

Aground, one of the best free Adventure games ever released


Aground might be one of our favorite browser games ever. With Minecraft survival elements boiled down to their most basic form, Aground provides a well-crafted story, fast progression, and graphics that belie the fact it’s only a browser game you’re playing.

In Aground you land on a deserted island with a less-than-enthusiastic ex-shipmate who decides that you are both doomed to die on the island. You must help him feel a little more hopeful by heading out with his ax and setting work to some trees. Collect wood, gather berries, then head underground to start collecting essentials ores and other materials.

This game was released in 2017 and developed by a small game studio. Following its online browser success the game was released on Steam. You can always tell a game is received well when it makes that jump from browser to full game platform.

Swords & Souls, addictive Adventure-Action

Swords & Souls

This classic browser game was released in 2015, which isn’t new, but its successor Swords & Souls 2 was recently released to Steam.

Swords & Souls has an extensive and detailed level of gameplay. You can level your character individually and spend time investing in your own foundations to improve your overall skills. Alongside your character development, you’ll find that the level of enemies and bosses starts to get extremely tricky. It’s a game with limited replayability, but you can definitely get a few hours of pure fun out of this game.

Awesome for a free online Adventure game!

Fancy Pants Adventures, classic browser game — graphics and all

Fancy Pants Adventures

This game has been around for a while, and has remained popular throughout its long life. Sequels have been released , but the original is still a thing of beauty. Substituting full-on graphics for a funny storyline and small touches (like your character falling asleep if you don’t move him for a while) really add to overall charm of this game.

Swords and Sandals 4

Swords and Sandals is another epic series of Adventure games that reach far back into browser game history. This most recent iteration was released in April 2018, however this is only the demo version of the game. The full version…actually…costs…money? No!

Despite the money-grab behind what has always been a free browser game, you can check out Swords and Sandals and its previous version. Based roughly on a bunch of nerdy DnD players, Swords and Sandals really should and always has appealed to a select number of gamers.

The main aim is to head on Adventures and level up. You head off against other Gladiators, or Adventurers, using a randomized dice roll to decide who wins overall. It’s a fun game with a lot of potential and its original games and sequels provide hours of fun.

The Enchanted Cave 2

Awesome pixelated graphics and adventure in Enchanted Cave

The Enchanted Cave is another of these incredible PC Adventure games that you makes you feel like you’re playing a fully-released title. Extremely high-rated, Enchanted Cave takes everything the ordinary gamer loves about video games and creates an awesome, authentic Adventure game experience.

Level-up, collect loot, and more. The game has roguelike and dungeon explorer elements which you will love and feels like a classic game from a few years ago, only built for a smooth web browser experience.


Coma, original game (a masterpiece, we think)

Perhaps one of the most popular browser games ever released — mostly because of its impressive graphics, deep storyline and compelling gameplay, Coma documents the strange adventures and travels through a world of deep sleep.

Again, this game gives you the impression you’re playing a full-release — and guess what? This year the game featured a full release on Steam. Impressive stuff. We can’t give too much away about this game except that it is a full experience and you should try it yourself.

Horse Simulator 3D

Umm, time for something a little new and a little different. You’re a horse. In a simulator. This is, of course, Horse Simulator 3D. Built in Unity, this 3D games has pretty spectacular graphics for a browser game. There are a range of missions to complete, but our favorite thing to do in this game is just roam free as a beautiful pink horse.

Feed your family, help out the village, attack evil snakes (even though we’re pretty sure horses are terrified of snakes) and complete other tasks to level up!

There are a whole range of other Simulator games that allow you to play as a Fox, Wolf or Tiger. Check them out — these Adventure games are great fun for girls, boys and kids of all ages. Spend hours simulating horsin’ around.

Riddle School 5

All-time Classic Browser Adventure Game, Riddle School

One of those classic Adventure games that spans most of modern browser game history. From the first Riddle School game released at least a decade ago, the sequels have provided consistent fun and enjoyment over the years. Riddle School 5 is a cherry-on-top. Complete bizarre tasks and progress from area to area by solving puzzles.

Puzzles are generally completed by using simple point-and-click mechanics, but the game is far from simple. Things get really hard when you start to get lost in the game with no idea of how to progress to the next area, or ultimately complete the game. There are, however, a number of clear walkthroughs across the web if you get really stuck…best of luck out there.

Orion Sandbox Enhanced

Orion Sandbox Enhanced, 2D side-scrolling Platform & Adventure game

Based on Terraria, Orion Sandbox Enhanced is a great little game you can play on your browser for free. Great graphics and mechanics really give the game a unique feel, and although based on the popular sandbox game, Terraria, there is enough here to make the game feel like its own beast.

In fact, Orion is probably one of our most played Adventure games. It’s a smooth experience and there lots of different items to gather, houses to build and caves to explore. If you love games that can develop over a long time (this game features local save) then Orion Sandbox is for you.

The Kogama Games

We have to mention the Kogama series. It seems only fair to include games as popular as these, and there are several great games here that you should definitely check out. Adventure games in almost every sense of the word, our particular favorites include the Minecraft version and the Super Mario version.

The best thing about Kogama games is that they are, mostly, created by the player. This keep things fresh and new all the time. A bit like Roblox, Kogama is the free online version of that. There are some fantastic worlds which are played by thousands, or you could spend the time to create your own. Nice!

Realm Grinder

Clicking Adventure and Realm Builder

A free Adventure game all about clicking. Yes, we love Clicker games. In the spirit of Clicker Heroes (which we’ll mention soon) Realm Grinder takes on a wider scale and rather than dealing with a single Adventure allows you to build up an entire realm.

Choose between good and evil, construct buildings and collect taxes, and ultimately click lots and lots. With great music, graphics and gameplay details, Realm Grinder is a one-of-a-kind game that you’ll sink hours into without realising where they’ve all gone…

Clicker Heroes

Clicker Heroes may be one of the most famous browser games ever released. An Adventure game where your clicks are the hero has surprising depth, replayability and now several full releases on Steam. Stick to the classic, if you like, and find out how the world went clicker crazy.

Click slowly at first, eliminating monsters across a series of different worlds, each level followed up with a strong boss. To continue progressing through the game you’ll have to keep levelling up your heroes, of which you have a wide selection. Each hero has special abilities — with a little bit of Googling you can soon figure out which monsters do best.

Once you’ve hit a certain level you can start again, collecting the bonuses awarded to you through having already progressed through the game a single time. Get clicking!

Medieval Decision

Medieval Decision, top-down Adventure game

Last but not least, a Medieval Adventure game featuring…zombies. Yay! Slice your way through this epic adventure and carve your way through hordes of zombies. This game is a bit trickier on the higher levels, but you can breeze through it on a first run on easy mode. Play safe, if you want, or go crazy slicing here, there and everywhere to decimate zombie hordes.

Level up your character and base and progress through this highly rated, fun top-down adventure game. Got what it takes?

The Future of the Best Browser Adventure Games

Adventure Games will always fit well in the free browser game market. Often subsidizing good graphics with a fantastic storyline instead, it’s one of the formats of game that will always suit a format in which production values are lower. You can get a lot from a game — one that doesn’t even look its best — if the storyline is unbeatable. Super popular games have managed to make it to full release because they appeal to what all Adventure gamers love — a compelling storyline.

Take Limbo or BadLands — deeply complex storylines that didn’t skimp on any part of compelling gameplay. They’re tough, deep and fascinating games that’ll provide hours of entertainment.

Other new Adventure games are about uncovering deep mysteries, taking on the role of a detective, or generally role-playing as important characters. In good Adventure games you should feel like a big part of a small, detailed world. We have to forgive some aspects of browser games — including their limited scope compared to the largest Triple A Adventure games (think Skyrim, for example) but there’s no want of effort on behalf of the browser game developers.


We love new Adventure games — Adventure games that combine Puzzle elements (point-and-click is a classic, anyone ever play Simon the Magician or the Monkey Island games? Great games!), Adventure games with intense Action, or Adventure games which you can leave to idle in your browser. Whatever it is you’re after, we’re sure you can find something in the tens of thousands of browser games that have been stacking up at the back of the Internet shed for over the last decade. Find a nostalgic classic, or if you’re just getting started, delve head-first into what really is a weird and wonderful world.

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