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Manti Games supports HTML5 and flash games to play online with no download, and we’re making sure that when flash is removed from browsers at the end of 2020 you’ll still have access to all your favourite games on our website.

Why Mantigames?

We’ve built a library of the best online free games for pc that you can play straight from your browser. No need to download any apps and clock up your device. You can use Manti when you’re on your way to work, taking a break or just enjoying some free time.

Our team takes the time to play every game on our website and has put together a description for each one that includes tips on how to beat it — just in case you get stuck.

Manti Games is categorised to make it as easy as possible for you to find the game you’re looking for — we have all sorts of titles ranging from first-person shooters to brain-teasing puzzles to high-speed racing and stunt online games to play.

Whatever you’re preferred style of game is, we’ve probably got it, and if we don’t then just let us know and we’ll get it for you. Our aim is to make your life easy and fun — at least while you’re on our website, the rest you’ll have to figure out for yourself.

Come and visit us now and see if you’re not disappointed — we’ve got thousands of online games waiting for you to beat them, and you just know you can’t resist beating your last high score!

All the games we have are fun, but we think there are some that really stand out. Here’s a list of our own personal favourite games on Manti…

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Best free online games to play now:

Bubble Fruit: This fruity take on the classic arcade game has you blasting different healthy treats out of your cannon to pop the other fruits dropping down from the top of the screen before they bury you!

This is a simple but entertaining game that can be played on PC or on handheld devices and is a great way to kill time while you’re on your way to work or sat on a break. Free this tried-and-tested online game free now.

Tip: Try to hit the fruit as it comes onto the screen, if you build up a big enough combo you can destroy the fruit holding the rest up, which will clear the screen and give you a serious bonus in points — it’ll also stop all those juicy fruits from getting in your cannon and causing game over!

Chase Racing Cars: This survival racing game has you putting the pedal to the metal and racing for as long as you can stay alive while bombing other cars on the track. Collect coins to increase your score as you zoom to victory in this simple yet mechanically beautiful driving game.

This game isn’t exactly complicated, and there are certainly other games on our site that look a lot sharper, but we have a special place in our hearts for this one due to its effortless simplicity and the challenge that it provides. Trying to collect coins might bump up your score a little bit, but it makes it increasingly difficult to stay alive. The best way to play this game is to focus exclusively on dodging the other cars and the explosive ordinance being thrown around on the screen.

This isn’t exactly your average commuter experience so if you’re looking for something a little calmer then you’re better off checking out our more relaxing car simulators.

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Zombatron 2: This game is very cool. It takes the best elements of classic platform games and throws in a robot death machine and tons of zombies. Your mission is to control Zombatron — the zombie mashing T-120 without the good looks — as he escorts the last human being alive to safety.

In the wake of a full-blown zombie apocalypse, you can expect nothing less than being absolutely swarmed with undead brain-munchers, providing a real challenge for even the most seasoned platform players. We never quite managed to beat this one, maybe you can do a better job?

Give Up, Robot 2: As you can probably already tell, this game is no walk in the park. The title alone gets the gameplay pretty on-point — Give Up, Robot 2 will test your platform skills to a new level while you try to get past screen after screen of obstacles, enemies and puzzles.

Run, jump and grapple your way through challenges that are quite frankly designed to make you die over and over again. Gain wisdom through repeated death and you’ll eventually make it out the other side. This is a fantastic game for physics heads. And remember, don’t give up robot!

Tunnel Rush: A simple and very visually striking game that essentially has you flying top-speed down a wormhole and avoiding obstacles along the way. Tunnel Rush is a classic style game that makes for a very addictive bit of procrastination.

Timing is everything in this one — you’ll see moving obstacles approaching in the distance and have to make sure to anticipate where they’ll be by the time you’re passing them — as soon as you’re through one, however, another is literally just around the corner, and as the game progresses and the speed becomes quicker and quicker you’ll have to really have some insane skills to keep going.

Not only this, but the colourful patterns on the tunnel are constantly shifting, adding to the sensory overload and distracting you from the task at hand. It’s sort of like the developers wanted you to fail at this game — although, once you’re good at getting through the bold obstacles you’ll feel a real sense of accomplishment. How far can you travel in the colourful tunnel of death?

Bullet Force: Developed by Blayze Games, Bullet Force is by far our favourite first-person flash shooter. For a flash game, it’s simply epic — in fact, that’s an understatement. The game rivals early versions of Call of Duty — utilising the same gameplay, weapons and even comparable graphics.

Fight your way through various maps against other players online in team deathmatch mode, free-for-all or gun game scenarios. You can also call in special abilities and support mechanisms once you’ve racked up a good kill stream — sound familiar?

If you’re looking for a totally free first-person shooter then this is definately something you should check out. Once you’ve got the controls down you can fight your way up the leaderboard until you dominate all other players. Try this epic pc game online now — no download and totally free.
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Correct Math: The clue is in the title with this one. Correct Math throws equations at you and gives you a choice of three answers to choose from — but make sure you choose quickly, otherwise it’s game over!

While the game starts out incredibly simple (emphasised by our picture) it gets pretty intense surprisingly quickly. You’ll be kicking yourself for having not paid more attention in arithmetic classes when you were a kid.

This game is great for improving cognitive function and you’ll be might be as surprised as we were by how much you improve over time. If you make one mistake then it’s game over — so make sure you’re on point when you play it. Watch your high score rise with each time and show off your math skills next time you get the bill.

Return Man 3: This sharp take on American football (not ‘soccer’) has top-quality graphics and challenging gameplay. See how many touchdowns you can manage without being taken down by the opposing team.

Start by running to the yellow circle to catch the ball, then make your way up the field with the support of three blockers who’ll help absorb enemy attacks. Be sure to collect random power-ups as you go for speed and strength upgrades as you progress through 16 stages of football fun.

The game throws extra challenges at you in the form of icy pitches, more challenging opposition teams and faster pace. Take your skills to their limit and become the Superbowl champions in this epic online game; play now free and see how far you can go!

Boombox Inc: This incredibly satisfying and addictive game is an absolute bombshell for relieving yourself after a stressful day. Throw bombs at boxes as they fall into a small room and watch the floor build up with box rubble. The gameplay might be simple but that’s what makes this game so mesmerising.

There’s no real way of being defeated in Boombox Inc, you simply get to blow up more and more boxes as you go along. Each one you destroy gives you a certain amount of coins which you can later spend on bigger bombs for more box blasting fun.

Take your angst at the traffic warden out by obliterating an entire warehouse full of empty boxes with as many bombs as you want to throw. Simply click, click, click and watch them all burn. There’s no limit to how many bombs you can use.

Declutter your day now!

Madalin Stunt Cars 2: A more complex driving and stunt game with crisp graphics and a whole load of jumps for you to perform. Situated in an open world, players can explore airports, highways and more, flipping sports cars and drifting to your heart’s content.

You can choose from a huge list of super-fast cars with realistic driving physics and unparalleled stunt opportunities. Forget the fast and the furious, this is Madlain Stunt Cars!

Play solo, with friends in multiplayer or online with strangers around the world and see who can pull off the best stunts. This game will have you coming back for more with its incredible graphics, high-speed sexy cars and a full-screen option. Try it out now!

Caveman Jumper: Take a caveman from his normal setting and have him springboard around like a jumping-jack to collect coins and avoiding spikes. This game is very addictive, especially once your high score starts to reach immense heights — just watch out for the spikes!

This game will test your reaction speed to its limits — and make you prone to yelling outbursts in public when you accidentally land on a spike, sending your score down the drain.

Definitely, one of the most challenging games you’ll play for a while — the trick is to stick to the middle in the early stages of the game and try to figure out how best to balance your caveman — coins are important, but mainly you should be focussing on bouncing higher and higher into seeming nothingness. Go, caveman, go!

Cardcentration: This awesome online flash game gives puts a deck of cards upside down and tests you to remember where they are. Make matching pairs and try to clear the board in as few moves as possible.

The game gets increasingly challenging — but you can try to remember the shapes and colours of the cards as this is the brain’s most effective department in this context. Test your skills and see how much your brain can take!

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