How to Inspect a Tower Crane before Hiring

Tall structures cannot be erected without lifting heavy building metrical and machinery. Lifting and moving are the two major operations performed by a tower crane at a construction site. These heavy materials include steel structures, concrete slabs, sand bags, cement mixtures, power generators and several other machines. So, a tower crane is essential equipment at a construction site. However, a tower crane is too expensive to buy for small and medium sized construction companies. Tower Crane Hire Australia is the best option available to these construction companies.

Here, it is important to hire the right tower crane that is in the best working conditions. Therefore, always inspect the tower crane before hiring and operating. First of all, make sure that there is no sign of wear and tear on the crane. Check the machine for structural, hydraulic, electrical and other mechanical issues. Perform this inspection before and after using the crane.

If the operator does not have skills and experience required for the inspection, the inspection can be done by the tower crane hire company employee. The person who inspects the tower crane prepares an inspection report. A copy of this inspection report is provided to the person who will use the crane. The inspection should never be ignored as it helps in ensuring safety and work efficiency. So, when you go for Tower Crane Hire Australia, always get the inspection report from the tower crane hire company in Australia.