Black America, please stop appropriating African clothing and tribal marks.
Zipporah Gene

Actually, I agree completely with the article. What I’m going to say comes off as resentful and defensive, but I am just stating the facts. I’m not upset and I do believe it’s time we come together as Black Americans and do our thing regardless of a home welcoming and inclusion from the mother land. We as Black Americans were once sold by the African people and then regarded as the waste of Africa when people who were not African owned and forced us into total degradation. We were also left to fight the battle of slavery in the new foreign country as well as other mounting oppressions pretty much alone. That degradation, pretty much set a much better standard for all who were not Black American. We’ve watched as other immigrants have come ripe from their homeland to America and talked with disrespect and cynicism no matter how hard we’ve worked or not at establishing a better image and quality of life. Realizing, that those who did, favored our oppression along with the oppressor, because it gave them a head start in a racist society. My point is, we can not share ourselves and our identity even with those we are closely related to ancestrally. Even they, get cocky, because they are not Black American. As much as there is cultural appropriation among the white community, I can’t debate nonsense in the African community, as naturally being from African decent, a part of that will automatically be a part of my image and identity as just a black person in America. #duh. However, we are Black American and I embrace all parts of it. We can define what being Black and American is better than anyone else in this country and in a very positive way.

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