You’ve noticed that your hair is starting to thin out on top.

Maybe you’ve been seeing the signs of male pattern baldness for a while — and you’re very worried. Or maybe you just noticed some hair in your sink for the first time — and you’re wondering what to do now.

Society’s response can be harsh — especially with the continuous messaging that baldness is a bad thing. Countless products (and even surgeries) will encourage you to “fix the problem” — and as a result, you might start to lose confidence. You might even feel judged, weak, and unattractive.

Balding is a life-altering experience — and one that can invoke a lot of grief and heartache. Despite all this, it is possible to overcome the sorrow of hair loss and begin your journey to being bald.

The most painful obstacle to overcome during (and after) the point of hair loss, is the loss of confidence. Though it is rough and inevitable, it IS conquerable, through these five key tenants:

1. Own It — But, Start Small

Some people always jump in the water without testing it, some start in the shallow end and work into the deep end. There…

by Pete Ricci

Elisabeth Kübler-Ross was the first to outline the five stages of grief in her 1969 book, On Death and Dying. These five stages — Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance — are often associated with personal tragedy, and can be applied to any major hardship in life.

Going bald in itself is not a tragedy, but initially, it can feel like one. Hair is often synonymous with youth, virility, success, and desirability — and if you’ve lived your life proud of your hair, the day you start to lose your hair can be a true punch to…


MANTL is a focused on empowering bald and balding men to live their best lives.

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