4 Awesome Sources for Mail-Order Meat

Nov 1, 2018 · 2 min read

From online butcher shops to Spanish ham hawkers, here are four places to get the good stuff delivered.

1. Belcampo Meat Co

With meats sourced directly from California farms with an emphasis on heritage breeds, Belcampo is a go-to for everything from Short Ribs, to Merguez Sausage to top-shelf Pork Chops. Mmmm Pork Chops.

Photo: Belcampo Meat Co

2. Porter Road

Photo: Porter Road

Based out of the Nashville and sourcing from pastures in Kentucky and Tennessee, Porter Road has been dry aging and hand-cutting their way to operating one of the best meat clubs in America. Whether you’re looking for Burger Patties or a lights out Southern Breakfast Box Porter Road has you covered.

Photo: Porter Road

3. La Tienda

With over 800 items, ranging from jamon to chorizo, La Tienda is a Spanish food lover’s haven. The Spanish Ham sections will have you drooling.

Photo: La Tienda

4. Snake River Farms

For something special, Snake River Farm’s American Wagyu is served at top restaurants around the country along with their knockout Kurobuta Pork.

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