5 Secrets To Cook Like A Pro And Make Restaurant-Quality Meals at Home

Cooking is like basketball, learn to shoot, pass, jump and dribble separately then combine to dominate and hang 51 points on the competition.

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1. Strain Stock Through Fresh Herbs

Throw a handful of fresh herbs like rosemary, thyme or parsley in your strainer when you pour the stock through, it adds so much freshness in seconds.

2. The “Herb” Clap

Before adding herbs like basil or mint, clap them in your hands to release the essential oils. Don’t believe it will make a difference? Take a whiff before and after. This works amazing for mojitos.

Mantry Live! Ep. 54 // Ghee Tumeric Scallops
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3. Dry With Paper Towel Before Searing

When searing a steak, scallop or any protein, pat the outside dry with paper towel to ensure the crispiest sear possible. Moisture causes a “mini steam” that inhibits the “Maillard reaction”, french for caramelization.

4. Use Grapeseed Oil To Sear

Grapeseed oil has a really high smoke point and imparts no flavor which makes it ideal to get the perfect sear. Olive oil or butter will burn up before you get the pan hot enough to develop a deep brown colour.

5. Sear in Cast Iron

Invest in Lodge Cast Iron Pan, you can get it ripping hot and develop that steakhouse crust at home.

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