6 Tips For A Stress-Free Dinner Party

Serenity Now!

Photo: Tahoe Unveiled

1. Family Style All-Day

Individual plates create more hassle and cold food for your guests. Invest in a couple cheap white serving platters and warm them in an oven for 3 minutes at the lowest setting to keep food hot.

2. Pre-Bottle Cocktails

Make a punch, or an old fashioned, then lay out some glasses and ice so people can serve themselves. Less hassle, more social lubrication.

Sarsaparilla & Rye Cocktail Recipe Here

3. Just Serve One Cocktail

Less headache, less money and guests won’t mind. Call it the “signature cocktail” for the night. That way you can make sure you have plenty of ice and ingredients for it. Remember, one cocktail done well beats five bad highball options.

La Paloma Cocktail Recipe Here

4. Know When To Hold Back

Don’t take it from us, take it from Marcus Samuelsson, Chef at Red Rooster in NYC:

“If you’re cooking for someone important — whether it’s your boss or a date — never try a new recipe and a new ingredient at the same time.”

5. The Most Crowd-Pleasing Dessert We Know

Maybe it’s because it stirs up notions of adolescent nights around the campfire or because it’s cozy as hell or because it’s a big mug of liquid chocolate but fresh hot chocolate made with real chocolate is a winner. Make sure you go to a specialty shop in your area and get artisan (yes fancy fancy) marshmallows. It’s fun, it’s delicious and nobody has ever said “Ahhhh really hot chocolate? I hate hot chocolate.”

Need nice mallows? Wondermade.

Irish Hot Chocolate w/ Guinness Marshmallows Recipe Here

6. Maldon

No other ingredient will make more delicious food come out of your kitchen faster.

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