I Could Have Gotten Back On The Plane And Flown Home Right Then

I flew into Berlin because it was the cheapest red eye I could find to Europe from JFK, $404 round trip. I arrived starving at 8:30 am and took a short bus to Rogacki, a German deli which opened in 1928.
Now, I’m not sure you can sound more unenlightened but did you know Germans make really good sausages? I kind of figured, but when this plate of blood sausage, fresh liverwurst and kraut turned up I had one bite and almost laughed out loud.

Maybe it’s like the first time you chomp into the fresh, greasy, handmade tortilla of a street taco in Mexico or a steaming pastrami sandwich at a good Jewish deli in Queens but there’s a moment where you realize what all the fuss is about and why there are versions of this stuff all over the world. I could have gotten back on the plane and flown home right then and been perfectly content with the trip.

Reggie Milligan, Co-Founder at Mantry

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