Little Italy

“In all its red sauce, touristy glory”

You know that feeling you get when you’re at an amusement park or a rodeo and know it’s all pretty cheesy but you can’t help enjoy yourself? That’s how I feel about Little Italy in Manhattan. Two blocks from the Mantry offices in all its red sauce, touristy glory you can still find fresh mozzarella or “mutz”, waiters soliciting passing crowds with daily specials and if you really know where to look, a solid NY slice. Sure, it’s a little antiquated and many food know-it-alls have turned their nose at the cliché restaurants and gelato stalls, but it’s still got charm and plenty of smiling patrons, so you can’t knock it too hard. The truth is a good bowl of pasta or piece of pizza never gets old, maybe just the neighborhood.

December 2015 Curator’s Letter | “Little Italy” Mantry

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