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Grilled Mambo Wings Recipe Here

Mambo Sauce // Capital City Co. // Washington, DC

Think a flag pin and a briefcase mark a DC local? Look closer — it’s the hot sauce stains. Sweet and tangy Mambo Sauce is a staple of Washington take-out joints, but unknown outside the Beltway. Each one has its private recipe, and come last call, bar-emptied hordes crowd counters and pass squeeze bottles, Dems and Reps, Senators and drag queens, united in glistening, lip-smacking glory. The sauce goes with anything — especially as it gets late — but its classic pair is wings. Drizzle a batch with oil and salt, grill, and toss still hot in Mambo Sauce, then pop back on the fire to caramelize. And don’t forget to tuck in your tie before you dig in.

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