Squeezing, Sucking And Splattering

Last April, it was my friend Andy’s birthday and he was throwing a backyard cookout. I convinced a seafood monger in Chinatown to get me 25 lbs. of live crawfish flown in from Louisiana. You can get anything in Chinatown if you pay in cash.

I rode the L train to Brooklyn with a styrofoam container of kicking crustaceans on my lap and an hour later we were dumping boiled crawdads onto a picnic table. Now, I had no idea how it would be received, but I discovered that day that people sitting around a table squeezing, sucking and splattering crawfish while drinking cold beer can liven up a party like a well placed Al Green song or a second bottle of champagne. So next time you want to celebrate, consider boiling some seafood.

Reggie Milligan, Co-Founder at Mantry

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