The Mantry Guide To Throwing A Kickass Dinner Party // Part 4

We’ve thrown a lot of awful dinner parties… learn from our mistakes!

1. Only Sit Down For Dinner

You want guests to mingle, start cold and lay out some cured meat and cheeses anywhere but the table to encourage people moving about the room. The best strategy is to place the self-serve bar and the appetizers at opposite ends of the room. Yes, we made a diagram…

2. Create Pockets With Comfy Seating

Create little enclaves with a couple chairs, pillows or rugs where people can break off and hang. A simple candle or open bottle of wine can signal that it’s ok to post up there. The more people feel comfortable, the more they’ll enjoy the party. The dinner party doesn’t just have to happen at the table.

3. Serve Craft Beer Singles In A Bucket Of Ice

All of a sudden craft breweries have infused sleek design into their cans. Hell ya it’s ok to serve beer, this just feels a little less Steelers vs. Ravens and a bit more dinner party. Believe us, your guests will have a good time bobbing for a variety of mystery beers in a bucket of ice.

4. Just Serve One Cocktail

Less headache, less money and guests won’t mind. Call it the “signature cocktail” for the night. That way you can make sure you have plenty of ice and ingredients for it. Remember, one cocktail done well beats five bad highball options.

La Paloma Cocktail Recipe Here

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