When Did Ballpark Food Get So Good?

“Want Shake Shack? Memphis-Style BBQ? Neapolitan-Style Pizza? Lobster Rolls?”

Wait, when did ballpark food get so good?

On an idle Wednesday last August, I decided to blow off work for a Mets game with my friend Mike. We cruised into Citi Field with the giddy excitement of two kids on a snow day. “Ok, first up, dogs and beer! Oh ya, get some popcorn too!”

Of course, within 20 seconds we realized Citi Field is more like a food court that happens to have a baseball team. Want Shake Shack? Memphis-Style BBQ? Neapolitan-Style Pizza? Lobster Rolls? There is even a Fuku (Momofuku overlord David Chang’s new fried chicken shop), complete with a much smaller line than its Manhattan outpost.

Now, I’m a sucker for a frosted malt and a Nathan’s Famous footlong but this all made perfect sense if there is one inalienable truth, better food makes everything…well, better.

We loaded up and hit the nosebleeds to bake away in the afternoon sun and root root root for the home team. They didn’t win, but the food was good, so there’s no shame.

Reggie Milligan, Co-Founder

June 2016 Curator’s Letter | “Take Me Out To The Ballpark” Mantry

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