The Design Conundrum

“Im over design”

I would say and the response I always get is filled with shock and disdain, People ask “how can you be over design”.

Many People believe that when you have a career in the arts, you fought your parents to let you do it-they belive you followed your heart and are doing what you are truly passionate about it- thus you can never turn around and say you are not happy. Don’t get me wrong I am a creative at heart I studied graphic design for four years of my life and now I’ve spent less then a year in the advertising industry and it’s just not the same.

You may argue that I miss the bubble that was school and you may be right, at school you were given a chance to explore new ideas, ideas driven by concepts and in the process you learn new skills and constantly challenged your way of thinking, at school you strived on knowledge and I still do today but my hunger is not fed. In the industry those three to four years of study are thrown out of the window and you are reduced to replicating previous design’s that have been worshipped by the almighty Brand CI. Dare not, to do something new and innovative because ours is an industry that only seeks to get by.

I could be working for the wrong people, but this is the third company i’ve worked for in less then a year and nothing is different, everything is the same and it may actually be worse here.

They sell themselves with skateboards around the office and friday night drinks and free lunches.

I’m tired of the late nights, and all you get in return is a pat on the back for the work you’ve put in and I’m just tired of how I look at the world now, constantly looking for whats wrong and never for the good.

I’m tired of the black, and never mention that the pay is not good enough because the work should be what drives you and money is just the incentive, well i find myself in a pickle cause the pay is not good and the work sucks!

I still wish to become a Sagmiester or a Bruce Mau, maybe it is the company. My fourth move in less then a year? why not. But I stick to my original statement, this career is just not for me and I don’t know what’s next from here.

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