Interaction Design Process — Week 5

Production Week

DAY 16


A first version of the illustrator file with the street layer, to laser cut it out of a MDF plate.

The start of the reading week, this would be the week in which the main production of the map happens. We started working on the map in a digital way by setting up an illustrator file for the street layer of the map. So we can then laser cut this out of an MDF plate. Besides that, we started going over the video files we had so far to get an idea if there is useful material so far. As we planned to possibly show some of the content to the guys who we want to ask for their permission to use the video material from them.

In the evening we had a meeting at the camp, to meet Noah once again and get a look at possible locations to hang the map. We discovered, that the probably only possible spot to hang the map, will be at the outer wall of the laundry container. As this place is very central in the camp, and everyone will go there to use the laundry machines from time to time. Also, it’s well covered from rain and weather as there is a roof and it’s a public place in the camp since we don’t want to hang our map at the outer wall of someone’s home.

After spotting the place to hang our map, we wanted to meet some more people to do the wokshop from last week again. Not because we wouldn’t have enough places yet, but we wanted to expand our target group. So far we had only opinions on the places from men between 20 and 30 but our map should be useful for the majority of people living in the camp. So we were looking for women and families for our workshop and get ideas and opinion from them. With the help of Noah, we could talk to two girls in roughly our age and a family father as well. We did the task with the map and marked their favorite, most often visited places on it. This gave us new places and ideas from another target group and we could easily add does places into the already existing google maps map.

DAY 17


The next day we had another mentoring with Nicole, where she picked up the idea of a city tour, together with the guys from the camp, again. We had this idea in mind before but due to the bad weather in the last days, we thought it’s not a good idea anymore. But Nicole had a point that this would be a great workshop where we kind of test out the places we picked together and also a nice thing to do as every workshop about the city map was quite theoretically so far. It makes totally sense as the final of figuring our places for the map, actually go out and visit some of does places together.

So it was time to do a timetable and fix dates for a workshop to plan the city tour and the actual city tour of course. Also, we had rescheduled our “event” of mounting and sort of handing over the map, from Friday to Tuesday next week. Mainly due to the rainy weather this week, it won’t be fun to get the map there with heavy rain and everyone from the camp would probably stay inside and not recognize us and our map. After all, this will give us a bit more time to finish the map. The city tour we had to do on Saturday as this was the only sunny day in the forecast and probably also the best day to find people who have time to join us. Therefore we would do the workshop of planning the city tour, already tomorrow evening. So the plan was in our mind, now we just had to make sure the people have actually time and still find pleasure in our activities.

Another important thing was to get the permission from the AOZ to hang our map where we planned it to. Therefore we had to send them a plan of how we think of mounting the map as well as information about the size and weight of the map. This will be necessary as they have security regulations and want to make sure our map will be stable mounted and nothing bad could happen. This forced us to make the final decision about the base plate of the map and its size as this will lead to the final weight.

Our plan of construction and information about the map, to get the permission form the AOZ.

Day 18

Planning of the map and the workshop in the evening

During the day we had two main tasks. On one side the workshop of the evening for preparing the city tour needed our attention. The second task was planning and preparing the digital assets for the map. Therefore we decided to split up into groups and start working separately. Aurelian and Alessa started creating a workshop description. The goal of this workshop was to create a route for the tour on Saturday. We wanted to bring the ideas of both sides in and to encourage an exchange. To achieve this we decided to create a very open design space. In a first step, we wanted to use brainstorming methods to open up for ideas. With these ideas and the resources we collected during the earlier workshops we hoped to have all tools prepared. The map team, Katarina and Manuel started with bringing everything together we had already collected regarding the map. This means digitalizing the places within Google Maps, creating the map assets with illustrator and setting up a provisional legend. All in all, we had a lot to do with bringing things together.

In the evening, we had an appointment with three young men from the settlement. After some language and understanding confusions, we were invited for pizza in one apartment and had a meeting with two guys in the other one. The workshop was quite well, we experienced some difficulties in the beginning, but after we had started with the first part of the program it worked better and better. Nevertheless, it needed much more time than expected. The internet resources were good for all of us tho get inspired during the workshop. In the end, we already had everything together we just drunk some tea and talked. Another long day, but a nice one.

Sitting together to plan the city tour, and a quick plan with the places we picked.

Day 19

Creating the map

This day was all about creating the map. We said the map would be finished at next Tuesday and so we had a lot to do. Creating all data for the final production was the biggest challenge we had to master. Many decisions to make. Now it was very important for us to create a description of how to use the map because we created an interactive component to allow the residents to mark personal places. The smaller, but not less important part was bringing the map into the Physical world. Therefore we prepared the wooden plate to serve as the base layer and started laser cutting the first layer of the map. As always it consumed more time than expected.

Day 20

City tour

For the tour, we prepared ourselves with the proper video and audio equipment. To ensure, everything works just wine, we did not forget to test the material and did some practicing beforehand. On Saturday we made the appointment at one o’clock. The meeting point was at Aargauerstrasse. Eventually we were three residents, one external guest and three of us, as Manuel was abroad this weekend. So the seven of us started the tour.

We started documenting and filming the whole event from the beginning. First, it was a little bit akward, but after a while everyone wanted to try it out and it started to became an group, a collective work. The day passed by and we could share a lot of expieriences and quite a few places. Altought we wished to have a bigger impact, namely more people, the day was a great pleasure.

Group photo during the tour