Interaction Design Process — Week 6

Final Week

Day 21

Manufacturing of the map

In the afternoon of the may first, we started producing the different parts of the map. We prepared the framework and used the lasercut machine to create the road network and the map instructions. We also painted different things and made the map key. We had to go through several steps, which took a long time.

The laser cutter machine at its work and painting parts of the map by hand.

Day 22

Finishing and installation of the map

We started the day with a short presentation on what we did last week and what challenge will be awaiting us this week. Following this, we had a short mentoring with Nicole, where we spoke about the final version of the video. We decided to organize an interview with the residents of the Wohnzentrum. The topic would be a reflection of the process from their point of view. We thought it would give us a great conclusion of the process and what we could change in the future.

Later that day we put all the parts of the map together and finished the whole thing.

Finalizing the map at the Werkstatt.

In the evening we had our final Meeting in the Wohnzentrum. We brought the map to them and mounted it on a Containter. The residents helped us with it. We had a nice last evening there. We ate and had conversations with them and arranged the interview for next Wednesday at our school.

The mounted map.

Day 23

Video Material, the Website and the interview

While going trough all our film- and audio material, Katharina and Alessa were thinking about what interview material would be good to combine with the material we collected during the project. With the interviews, we wanted to generate a summary that guides trough the video. It should support Pictures where we don’t have any usable audio material.

For us was also important to know how it was, for the residents of the Aargauerstrasse, to be a part of the project. We wanted to integrate their and also our own view and résumé into the video. We wrote down some questions (general and specific ones to the different workshops we have done).

At the same time Manuel and Aurelian were summarizing the texts for the website. The website would be mainly about the Workshops (expectations, process and outcome) and can be as a experience report or even guideline (at least from our own view) for such co-creation projects. Also it will include a summary of the project, some photos and the final video.

The interview answers were very positive. We expected some more critical answers as well. Alessa was asking the questions, Katharina recorded the audio and video. Than we decided to let our guests to ask they’re questions to us as well. Aurelian and Manuel were willing to answer the questions.

Day 24

Finalising everything

Manuel and Aurelian were finalising the website first. Than they splitted up and Manuel started to work on the final presentation for Friday. At some point the whole team dicuss about what the amin points of the presentation will be and who is going to talk about what as well as the structure of the presentation.

At the same time Katharina and Alessa were cutting the film. At the beginning we wanted to make it in chronological order. After talking to Nicole we decide to make an intro that shows a cross section of what happened at our most important workshops. Than a main part shows how and why it came to all this. And for the end we made like a conclusion.

Day 25

The final presentation

After the presentation, we were happy to hear so many good feedbacks from our classmates. Also Joelle and Nicole were giving us some helpful feedback and offered us some support to clarify our video.

For us the whole module was very challenging, and we’ve learned a lot how to work with people. We had a good dynamic in our group and all in all a very good and interesting time.

The final Video and the Project website is available on:

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