The text below is based on one of my Facebook statuses, in response to the strategy of some members of The Satanic Temple to downplay the antisemitic remarks made by Lucien Greaves in a podcast about the book Might is Right, on the grounds that they were held fifteen years ago (2003).

Note that the precise extraction of the words held by Lucien Greaves was available until recently on Vimeo, and that it is the sharing of this extraction that triggered the controversy. But it was removed by Vimeo on the grounds of a "copyright infringement", at the request of a certain Maris Apis, who according to a former member would be none other than Cara Jeanne, a very close collaborator of Lucien Greaves.

Hey people from TST: well tried the shot of «it was in 2003, people change, I too did bullshit 15 years ago».

But the comparison between Sabrina and blood libels was a few weeks ago. The collaboration with Randazza and the defense of freedom of speech of the alt-right was a few months ago. The support given to Augustus Sol Invictus in the LHP consortium case was two and a half years ago.

And these are just some examples of his ambiguous or downright condemnable stances over the years.

And when a person who acts in this way proves to have moreover made openly anti-Semitic remarks in 2003, what I notice is not an evolution, a rupture or a redemptive journey, but a coherent whole and an ideological continuity (also, Shane Bugbee, whose. speech in the podcast is even more violently anti Semitic, was a TST member of the first hour, and the author of a very sympathetic interview of LG in 2013, before their falling out, apparently for financial reasons. So no, I don’t buy the evolution narrative, at all).