Satanic Temple International : The Beginning

Note: the original version, in French, of this post is available on my personal blog and on the site of the STI French Chapter.

I announced in a recent post the current creation of a new organization that brings together former members of The Satanic Temple who wish to take their independence to give themselves the means to face the specific problems they face in their countries, to the initiative of the former UK chapter of TST.

This is done. Satanic Temple International (the name of the new organization) has recently published on its Facebook page a press release that formalizes its existence:

The organisation formally known as The Satanic Temple UK & London (TSTUK) has formalized its independence from the governance of US Ministry, The Satanic Temple (TST) and in reflection of this break, has changed its name to Satanic Temple International (STI).
STI respects the accomplishments and groundwork set by TST in the United States and wishes to acknowledge the ways in which it has been fundamental to the growth of Satanism globally. However it is our belief that we are uniquely positioned to effectively address the particular goals and problems of our growing global community due to the cultural collectivism afforded by our geography.
In the manifesting of what we believe to be the true spirit of contemporary Satanism, STI will be closely working with our international chapters in Europe, Australasia and the Middle East, offering an autonomous co-operative structure to support and empower; assisting as needed in the development of campaigns and practices tailored to the diverse needs and situations encountered.
The mission of Satanic Temple International is to strengthen both individuals and our environments – first, by providing guidance and facilitating space for personal exploration, and by creating structural changes in the world intended to embolden and empower. Satanic Temple International is founded by Zeke Apollyon, High Cardinal, and Cain Abaddon, Chapter Head who oversee the organisation. Supporting the domestic and global chapters are the members of the Founding Ministry and the International Council.
At this time we would also like to announce the official launch of STI’s The Autonomy Project, an initiative designed to support bodily autonomy, whereby domestic abuse survivors with cutaneous scars or tattoos resulting from abuse can access free cover work from volunteering professional tattoo artists. Money should never be a barrier to personal growth as we believe the possibilities for kindness and compassion in the world are endless. We hope that this will be a significant step for some in asserting their sovereign will.
For any press inquiries or more details, please contact our spokesperson.
Email: pr[at]

The FAQ of this organization, is available on this link in original version, and in French, with some adapted examples to better resonate with the French news, on my personal blog, and on the site of the French chapter.

In the process, the group formerly called Friends of the Satanic Temple France / Belgium / Switzerland, which I founded a year ago, is recognized as the official chapter of STI and is therefore renamed Satanic Temple International France / Belgium / Switzerland . I am at present «Chapter Head», knowing that its governance is collegiate and that we will probably be several «Chapter Heads» to support us mutually.

As a reminder, here are the different social networks and sites where you can find us:

Facebook page: Satanic Temple International France / Belgium / Switzerland

Private Facebook group: Satanic Temple International (France-Belgium – Switzerland)

Twitter account: @Satanicintnlfr

Discord Server:

Blog (under construction):