Things You Need To Know About Invisalign

Straight teeth do not only improve smile but they are also helpful in improving overall health. The irregular or crowded teeth can make it easy for the bacteria to settle in and cause periodontal disease and cavities. The periodontal diseases do not stop at just making the oral health worse. It can lead to other serious health disorders such as diabetes, cardiovascular health disorders, and many more.

Having that said, doing anything to improve your smile can not only help you in presenting yourself in better way but you will also be able to avoid certain health disorders which can be quite deadly if not treated well. Therefore, one of the best treatments which you can get to straighten your teeth is Invisalign. A few things about Invisalign are worth mentioning in this regard.

How does it work?

First, you will need to consult with your orthodontist in order to get checked if you are eligible for Invisalign treatment. The analysis of your oral cavity is going to involve dental x-rays, impressions and photos. The images and impressions are sent to the labs where clear trays are prepared. You may be given a time of 4–6 weeks to come back to get your clear aligner trays.

While receiving the first set of aligners, you will be given time to come back after 4–6 weeks in order to get a new set of aligners. The new set will have slight change in the shape in order to move your teeth towards the right formation. The process continues until you get the proper shape of your teeth.

How painful it can be?

You may suffer from discomfort in the first 36–48 hours after receiving each set of aligners. The amount of discomfort is going to depend upon the level of turns and twists your teeth are required to go through. However, this discomfort is not permanent. You can also alleviating this discomfort with the help of ibuprofen.

How often these trays or aligners are needed to be worn?

While the best thing about these aligners is that you can remove them from your teeth whenever you like, the dentists suggest patients to keep wearing these aligners for as long as possible. However, you need to get the braces off from your teeth when you are eating your foods.

What are the food restrictions while getting treatment from Invisalign?

There are food limitations when you wear braces. Now, you may wonder if there are food restrictions while using Invisalign. Well, there are no food restrictions which can be specifically associated with Invisalign. You need to take your braces off before eating and have your meal in the normal way.