Lebanese Church Continues to Regress, Despite Progressive Direction Under Pope Francis
Gino Raidy

What is this nonsense?

“ Catholic Church has been revitalized and made relevant again thanks to the progressive steps Pope Francis has been taking that many people, Catholics or otherwise, would’ve never dreamed of seeing in their lifetimes.”

Made relevant again? The Church in Germany, the one that supports Pope Francis the most, is dying. #PasmonPape is trending amongst the faithful in France, where the faith is also dying. Convents in Italy are set to shut down by the hundreds directly due to Pope Francis and his recent motu proprio.

The only thing that’s true in this post is that as a Catholic, I’d never have dreamed to see a Pope so ambiguous that his own Cardinals and Bishops are rallying and begging him to actually speak clearly for a change.

“ it’s back to life after two severely conservative popes plagued with scandals and corruption turned many people away from the Church before Francis came in.”

Francis has brought Cardinal Daneels out of retirement and given him a promotion, by honoring him in the Synod. Do you know who Daneels is? A Cardinal caught on tape covering up sex abuse. Moreover, John Paul II was a centrist and Benedict XVI was slightly more conservative. If you want to see heavily conservative, look at Cardinal Sarah. Better him than the ultra liberal (See: Godfried Daneels. I mentioned him a little earlier.)

“ Preaching tolerance, especially towards the church’s “traditional enemies” like the LGBT community, atheists and agnostics and other religions, Pope Francis has been a game-changer.”

The CCC, written by the two ‘conservative’ popes you bashed earlier, preach exactly the tolerance you incorrectly ascribe to Francis. Pope Francis did not change anything on that front. Pope Benedict was the Pope to visit the most mosques in the shortest time span. Pope John Paul II was the most ecumenical pope. Read the CCC on homosexuality and atheism. There’s no intolerance there. I don’t know where you got that “traditional enemies” quote.

“ Protecting convicted pedophile priests and commissioning TV shows idolizing their lives is probably their vilest crime, but not their only one.”

If you’re referring to Labaki, he was not convicted yet. It amuses me how guilt is presumed against conservative bishops and priests, yet innocence is maintained even in the face of insurmountable evidence when it comes to Liberal bishops. (See: Cardinal Pell, guilty without evidence. Cardinal Daneels, innocent with all evidence pointing to guilt.)

The issue of an arrest warrant is to get him to appear in court, not a declaration of guilt. As for my opinion on his innocence, I am undecided. But guilty or not, this case is one of thousands in the Church, and don’t think Pope Francis is rooting out such behavior as you presume he does. As I said, he’s actually honored many Cardinals who cover up sexual abuse.(Benedict did a grand work in rooting it out, however.)

On the surface, it seems this is a systematic cover up, the like of which we’ve seen in the Church. It’s wrong and it must be stopped. But your qualitative decision that this makes the whole church vile and evil is throwing out the baby with the bathwater; and will not help solve this crisis anytime soon. An enemy that is perceived to be everywhere cannot be defeated.

“the Church is the number one crusader against the arts, culture and education in Lebanon.”

You’re going to need to provide much more than trance parties and Dan Brown’s books to give it the spot number one. An otherwise proper argument killed by your hyperbole.

By the way, Pope Francis himself came out against yoga.


The comments by the Lebanese priests are mirroring the comments of a bishop in another country, and the Vatican’s chief exorcist:

This is by no means a Lebanese problem. If you want to oppose conservatism, that’s another issue.

No anti-Catholic article is complete without bring up the tax-free status. That’s wholly irrelevant to all the arguments you made in the article, so I’ll ignore that.

“ How long will the church be allowed to censor and oppress what it doesn’t like?”

Probably as long as every other party and group in Lebanon do the same. This is a national problem that transcends the church. As for oppress? Heavy choice of words.

“ When will the undeserved power and jurisdiction they hold loosen and allow civil liberties to flourish?”

Strangling civil liberties? Where? How?

“ When will they mind their own business and leave “artists groups from abroad” and those bringing them alone?”

I agree here.

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