Arduino In-circuit Debugging with PlatformIO

The Board

Arduino Nano 33 IoT
Bottom side of Arduino Nano 33 IoT
Debug port pads

The Debug Adapter

J-Link Debug Adapter

Connecting the Adapter

Wires soldered to the debug port
J-Link Pinout for Serial Wire Debug (SWD)

Debug Your Program

platform = atmelsam
board = nano_33_iot
framework = arduino
debug_tool = jlinklib_deps =
#include <Arduino.h>
#include <Arduino_LSM6DS3.h>
void setup() {
// Wait for serial connection to be ready
while (!Serial);
if (!IMU.begin()) {
Serial.println("Failed to initialize IMU");
while (1);

Serial.print("Gyroscope sample rate = ");
Serial.println(" Hz");
Serial.println("Gyroscope in degrees/second");
Serial.println("X, Y, Z");
void loop() {
float x, y, z;

if (IMU.gyroscopeAvailable()) {
IMU.readGyroscope(x, y, z);

Serial.print(", ");
Serial.print(", ");
PlatformIO debugging session: debug view, configuration selection, start, first breakpoint
PlatformIO debug session: breakpoint, continue execution, serial connection check, variable inspection

Other Arduino Boards

Debug Port Pads on Arduino MKR Boards



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