3 Reasons to Watch Apple’s The Morning Show

Here’s why I think this great drama is worth a watch.

#1 — Refreshing perspectives on Me Too

It tackles the Me Too theme in a very different way than most series have so far. Instead of depicting the accused — in this case, Morning Show’s lead anchor Mitch Kessler (Steve Carrel) — as a cartoonish villain sexual predator, it gives him a lot of depth.

The writers in The Morning Show hit the nail on the head by approaching a very sensitive subject in a quite subjective manner, allowing all characters to speak his/her mind on the topic.

The narrative doesn’t force a narrative down the audience’s throat, instead, it lets the viewer decide whether Mitch’s rationalization around his wrongdoing is valid or not. Supporting the purge of male toxicity, particularly from hierarchical workplaces who condone it, is a great cause — but doesn’t necessarily make for great TV.

Morning Show achieves both, with a much more layered lens. Including the grief of realizing one of your best friends is a sexual predator — a nuance most fiction has missed.

#2 — Incredible actors play genuinely distinct characters

Although most avid TV-viewers have a fond place in their heart for The Office’s star Steve Carrel, perhaps the same cannot be said of Jennifer Anniston or even Reese Witherspoon (the latter had already convinced me on HBO’s Big Little Lies).

Well, in The Morning Show, they all deliver!

Carell plays perfectly the Me-Too-shunned anchor, who is a charming, lovable douchebag with a god-complex.

Anniston — who plays Alex Levy, Carrel’s character’s co-anchor — really surprised me in her range. With her co-anchor of 15 years put to the side, she has to take the reins of the show on her own while morning the (public) loss of one of her best friends. Despair, grief, rage and ambition all drip from Anniston’s wonderful portrayal.

Someone who really caught my eye was Billy Culdrup, who plays an enigmatic network executive. In the midst of a star-studded cast, his character manages to steal the show very often with memorable lines and hard to crack motivations.

“Chaos is the new cocaine”

I could write a 10-minute long article on The Morning Show’s actors alone, but don’t just take my word for it — 5(!) actors from the cast were nominated for acting Emmy’s, with the aforementioned Billy Culdrup taking home the prize for his Cory Ellison.

#3 — Plenty of tension and cliffhangers to go around

For a show that falls in the Drama category, The Morning show is riddled with tension and confrontation.

Because many characters are out to survive or get ahead in the aftermath of the chaos coming from the Me Too scandal that affected their program, this generates plenty of head-to-heads.

Awkward silences, shouting contest and accusatory rants all make an appearance in this very well-written show.

In fact, the script is reminiscing of Succession’s style of writing in the sense it is incredibly true to the way people speak nowadays and it also binds the audience in emotional clashes that come close to well choreograph dance routines.

There’s plenty of drama to go around in this collection of captivating characters, including offering notoriety to the usually less relevant production staff of a TV show, a perspective we don’t see as often.

The Morning Show works on every level— production, writing, acting, you name it. Even the theme song is on point.

Surely Apple TV+’s magnum opus so far and definitely worth a watch.

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