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The Trial of the Chicago 7 is a courtroom drama about the 7 people who were accused of inciting riots back in 1968 in Chicago.

Staged in the backdrop of social unrest caused by the Vietnam war, the film shows how this diverse group of activists face trial for their role in bringing about confrontations between protesters in police around the Democratic National Convention.

We get to watch the escalation of the protests that ultimately turned into a riot via a series of flashbacks, making the movie into a powerful drama that doesn’t end in the courtroom — although Sorkin…


Football fans everywhere watched eagerly as deadline day came — the notoriously busy last available day for football clubs to buy and sell players, which came unseasonably late this year.

Despite several good prospects trading clubs and several million pounds exchanged, one particularly odd transfer made the headlines — Arsenal FC made its mascot Gunnersaurus redundant, a loyal servant to the club since 1993.

Which begs the question; who thought letting go a beloved fan icon was a good cost-cutting measure for a business this size?

The pain is real

It’s hard to argue against the financial distress experienced by football clubs thanks to…

The Morning Show’s is a drama that follows the backstage (and backstabbing) ongoings of America’s most popular morning show when one of the lead anchors faces an accusation of sexual abuse.

Here’s why I think this great drama is worth a watch.

#1 — Refreshing perspectives on Me Too

It tackles the Me Too theme in a very different way than most series have so far. Instead of depicting the accused — in this case, Morning Show’s lead anchor Mitch Kessler (Steve Carrel) — as a cartoonish villain sexual predator, it gives him a lot of depth.

The writers in The Morning Show hit the nail on…

At the end of the day, it’s all about control.

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As more well-known tech companies get listed without an IPO successfully, more buzz grows about the shiny process that allows them to do so — direct listing.

Unlike in a standard IPO, in a direct listing, the company sells its shares directly to investors without investment banks acting as intermediaries in the process.

The stock’s opening price is, therefore, a consequence of market-driven price discovery, as opposed to set by banks or underwriters, that select the level based on a collection of indications of interest that investors put into an order book.

Spotify was a widely discussed example back in…

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Have you ever felt you talk too much
Words keep coming out of your mouth
Attention craving
Need for approval
You keep going
Why can’t you take the silence
Tackle your insecurities there
Without noise
Don’t shout your way through them
No one wants to hear them

Take a clicker
Pace yourself
It’s too much
No value add
You are embarrassing yourself
And others
To provide entertainment
You jester
Sad jester, desperate jester
Failed jester
No wants to hear you

You keep going

Hindsight is 20/20 after all The next morning You blame it on alcohol There’s no physical…

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I jumped straight to this Netflix’s thriller The Devil All The Time when it debuted, and it didn’t disappoint me one bit.

I was drawn by the impressive cast — Robert Pattinson, Bill Skarsgård, Tom Holland, and other familiar faces — especially when the trailer suggested those same actors clearly stepped out of their usual range, by taking on a Southern drawl or a regional American accent. But I’ll get to that.

The film is staged in post-World War II America, namely between two rural towns in Ohio and West Virginia. We start by following Willard upon his return from…

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I genuinely believe corporations should uphold values that are beneficial to society as a whole. Which is another way of saying I am a big supporter of stakeholder capitalism.

Particularly in instances where a company’s operations are directly intertwined with a principle — which is the case of distributors of content and freedom of speech, a banner I hold dear to my heart.

I will always be very demanding towards a Company that boasts 299 million active users all over the world (and counting) and is a leading distributor of music and podcasts.

So it pains me to see Spotify’s…

It should go without saying but I am not on Laura Ingram’s team. I completely disagree with her view that NBA players should just “shut up and dribble”. Everyone has a right to express their opinion — you, me, and anyone who gets paid $100m to “bounce a ball”.

It’s then up to each one of us to choose to pay attention, or not.

But does that mean I have to agree with the Milwaukee Bucks decision to sit out game 5 vs. …

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Like many others, I have the somewhat first-world problem of having a few flights canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic that turned the world on its head.

I’m looking especially at you, migrants and people who planned a holiday over Easter or early Summer.

This has made me a creditor of sorts to a couple of airlines, having a few dozen pounds “trapped” with two of them. The more astute airline awarded me a hassle-free voucher straightaway, hoping I cash it back with them once the situation normalizes, as is progressively the case today.

My first problem came when I…

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We have seen it happen time and time again. Something terrible happens to a member of a minority and, because it spreads in the media and our feeds like wildfire, management teams everywhere scramble to come up with a response on a corporate level.

Usually, the CEO makes a public statement on the company’s compromise to diversity, boasting about its diverse workforce (at times ignoring the breakdown at the senior management or board level). The company sets up mandatory training on inclusion. …

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