Invision just killed everything that was exciting about Craft Prototype

What a blood bath. (Original image: Pizza Yap)

So as of today the eagerly awaited Craft Prototype from Invision has been made public. What was in beta test for more than a year now and has created a lot of excitement due to its unique features amongst which the ability to prototype directly within Sketch and mirror your prototype live on an iOS device, is now accessible to the hungry hands of designers.
When I read the news in my inbox, I immediately mailed my colleagues and shared my excitement. Only after actually switching from prototype beta to the production version of the plugins, I realized that Invision has published something entirely different than what we expected and got all itchy about.

The beta was based on Silver Flows, a plugin for Sketch that was acquired by Invision shortly after it created much excitement in the Sketch community. The genius proposition of prototyping in your design tool directly and having access to native functions like text input, taking photos(and rendering them on a specified layer in the prototype), as well as easily defining fixed headers and footers and an overall fantastic performance was too delicious for Invision not to snatch it up.

But seemingly, Invisions business interest to build one unified platform has killed off this proposition quite entirely. What is left, is a way to link layers and upload the artboards to Invision. Only there we can actually view the prototype — in the browser, without native functionality.

This is like a tiny step forward from what Marvel or Invision are achieving currently with their existing plugins, not the leapfrog development that Silver Flows or the beta promised.