5 Tools to Boost Sales Productivity

Manuel Hartmann
Sep 23, 2019 · 4 min read
Tools should always work FOR you, not the other way around. Photo by Jo Szczepanska on Unsplash

A topic my customers repeatedly ask or at least find useful when learning about it are simple, easy to use, <$100 per user per month sales tools to boost productivity. And no, I will not go into CRM evaluations here, so feel free to select Salesforce, HubSpot, Pipedrive, Close.com or ZohoCRM yourself (or ask via PM if you need advice).

And yes, I neglected my Monday 07:00–08:30 writing habit recently.
Thanks for reminding me dear partners and customers to pick it up again and for your understanding as I was mostly in client workshop, teaching and building thesalesplaybook.io (Sneak Peak here for you). Guess I make this therefore a Monday 22:00–23:30 writing habit then for (right) now…

But I digress. So let us focus on these 5 sales enablement tools I simply love because they save me time and make my life easier and more fun on a weekly basis:

(1) Lead Gen & Email Validation: hunter.io
I just love this orange bird to get basically any email address at the push of a button, especially via Google Chrome Plugin. Besides the pure value proposition, hunter.io is a role model on how to build a scalable, beautiful, minimalistic product with perfect usability. And yes, you can even segment by department and sometimes get landline numbers per lead.

Best. Orange. Bird. Ever.

(2) Offer & Contract Management: docusign.com eSignature
Honestly, I do not know how other “Companies of One” (I run hartmannventures.com alone with external partners) run their business while NOT using eSignature to formally do business. Providing offers & contracts whenever, wherever is great. Having open and completion tracking is even better. Clicking a button to see all ever completed and especially awaiting offers is awesome.

Getting offers & contracts signed by 2 or more parties without paper. Love it. (I hate paper.)

(3) Prospecting: LinkedIn Sales Navigator
“But what is the advantage to using LinkedIn for free?”. Prospecting speed, accuracy, convenience and insights. To identify the 1'000+ Decision Makers of Swiss retailers took me <60 seconds. To do this manually on Linkedin would take…???…I do not want to think of it (because i used this approach operationally in the past…like manually validating emails + printing agreements. Not missing it. At all.)

Personal outreach via LinkedIn works nicely in my experience because it is less crowded, more transparent and yes, more personal than cold emails. I myself so far did not combine this with tools such as interseller.io, snov.io or similar complementary tools, but hear great things from sales colleagues, so give it a shot.

Really awesome to learn about who runs your target market. Fast, convenient and for real.

(4) Working Hub: shift.com
I hate having 10+ tabs open at the same time. But this easily happens if you have GMail, GCalendar, GDrive, WhatsApp, Slack, and potentially other email accounts + tools running in parallel.

After being slightly annoyed, but more intrigued by the performance marketing efforts of tryshift.com advertising as “The workstation for productive people.”, I today absolutely love it for its flexibility while keeping everyting in one place. And yes, clicking the little “+” on the bottom-left is a great inspiration for more (sales) tools!

(5) Your Phone
Please stop talking about automated lead scoring, AI-enabled click funnels and other sophisticated stuff. We are all human beings and what makes us tick is, sorry to say, not our neocortex aka “smart brain”, but our ancestor’s primitive version. That one is primed for fight or flight survival & procreation instincts, fear & hope emotions, but also human interactions.

So please ignore all of the above for a bit and call a customer. Or your spouse. Or the person you want to become your spouse. Or your mum. Simply try to be helpful, positive and humble and great things will happen.

Hustle. Sorry, I mean be helpful, positive and humble. Photo by Fernando Hernandez on Unsplash

Thank you for reading and please reach out via LinkedIn or manuel@hartmannventures.com to share any feedback or to discuss your B2B sales challenges!

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