Minds — social network cryptographic for Internet freedom

Manuel Ramos
Mar 3, 2019 · 8 min read

✳ Minds ✳

This time I’m going to talk about the platform Minds


Minds is one of the many applications and block chain found in the list of the stateofthedapps.com a platform that brings together applications and block chains based on the cryptographic ecosystems of #Steem -#Ethereum#EOS#GoChain#POA#xDai

Meet Minds

Decentralized social network resistant to censorship and accessible to all types of users

Description of Minds

Minds is a decentralized open source social network in which anyone can contribute to improve the design or operation of this social network. It is based on a chain of blocks within the Ethereum cryptographic ecosystem (ETH), uses and supports ERC-20 tokens which can be bought, marketed and sold within its internal market. Bill Ottman CEO of Minds.com assures that one of the main slogans of this new decentralized social network is to regain control of your social universe, having as main pillars privacy, transparency and security, offering its users the confidence and certainty that their information will be totally secure and inaccessible to third parties, since Minds is not a social network that seeks to accumulate information to be sold to information consortiums or spies of powerful governments.

Minds comes as an alternative to the most popular and powerful social networks, focused and directed towards users who want a safer place where they can store and share their information, data and content without the fear of being filtered or stolen.

Different activist groups have given their approval to the creation of a decentralized social network that seeks the development of ideas that promote freedom on the Internet to placate censorship and the filtering of information. One of these important activist groups is Anonymous, who have stated through different messages that the idea of creating an open social network that allows encrypting their networks and guarantees transparency and security towards its users, marks the beginning of the so-called Post-Snowden era.

Minds.com seeks to compete against social networks such as Facebook or Twitter, creating an alternative space where censorship does not exist and freedom is full and not controlled.

How does Minds work?

Minds.com has an interface similar to that of any existing social network, as far as operation is concerned. By creating a personal user account, each user will have a channel or profile, in this he can add other users to follow and visit their posts. Users can interact with each other, commenting on photographs, publications or status updates. These comments or publications are encrypted in order to guarantee their privacy and prevent other users from reading or viewing them. As I mentioned before, this social network is open source, which makes it more attractive to host developers who can make any kind of contribution that improves its operation, service and design. In this way, Minds ensures that its platform is always updated with respect to the technological advances of the block chains.

Rewards System

Minds.com has designed a novel and interesting method to reward users of its platform. Those users who manage to make their publications have a wide media reach within the platform, will achieve greater visibility making that publication is rewarded with the tokens of the chain of blocks, to make a publication viral or mediatic you can do it through points, this way you can promote your publications without the need to pay to promote them, these points are assigned by the payment system of the platform to users who develop an active interaction in the social network. This makes Minds stand out as the social network where your content can become viral and positions you as a user to influencer.

My experience using Minds

I met Minds through a publication in Steemit a few months ago, when I entered their website, I was fascinated and immediately after digging a little into this social network I decided to create a user account there. To create my user account you didn’t need to pay anything or wait for my account to be approved as Steemit, Whaleshares and other decentralized social networks do, the procedure is very simple and easy to understand, it’s free and you just need to confirm your email to get approved instantly the account.

It has a quite dynamic interface with several commands where you can choose what information to reflect, place your social networks with address to them, place a profile picture and the personal data you want to place, it is worth noting that the more you prove that you are that user or person more chance to capture followers will have. I have had the opportunity to make and share my first publication in this social network and I must point out that I found the editor that has the platform extremely friendly, you can place titles and subtitles, informative link, justify paragraphs and images and publish the moment you finish your publication.

What I did not understand in Minds and I found a little confusing was its system of promotion through points, it is worth noting that to promote your publications must have points assigned by the platform by the interactions you do with other users, but at the time I tried to perform these interactions I never received points or did not see them reflected in my wallet, I did not know how to claim those points or how to promote my publication, making my publication did not have the reach desired by me. I think that the developers of this social network should make some adjustments in this area and generate another methodology that is more comfortable and manageable for new users like me.

The three fundamental pillars of Minds

Privacy — Security — Transparency

As I mentioned earlier, Minds wants to position itself as a free and alternative social network to the large social networks that have media and mass control, they consider that privacy, security and transparency are fundamental values for harmonious and balanced development within any community, whether a social or virtual community, starting from these three values have decided to make them the fundamental pillars in which Minds.com is structured. A social network for the people was the idea that motivated its developers to carry out this decentralized social network project which already has a significant number of users. Minds already has more than 1.25 million registered users who have won some test tokens, this new social network has a daily record of more than 600,000 visits, a figure that is increasing as new users join this new platform. According to Bill Ottman, Minds’ biggest challenge in the face of large social networks is to build a social network “from the people and for the people” based on the philosophy of its three main pillars.

Some curious facts about the social network Minds:

  • It’s a chain of Ethereum blocks.
  • It promotes a new concept of social network that is directed towards users who live in authoritarian countries and the information is restricted.
  • It is open source, each user who wants to contribute to the development of a better functioning can do so.
  • This social network uses and supports ERC-20 tokens.
  • It has its own internal wallet, where the tokens obtained are stored.
  • It is a social network that seeks to replace and compete with the main existing social networks.
  • You can create a free account immediately.
  • One of its main promoters is the activist group Anonymous.


Minds.com as well as other social networks based on chains of blocks seek to be alternatives to the large cooperations of information and the industry of the most influential social networks worldwide. Minds has an interesting philosophy, three main pillars that contribute to the idea of a new approach of safe social network for its users. I think that like all decentralized social networks, Minds will be one of the pioneers in encouraging the development of integration mechanisms among its users with a focus on freedom and healthy coexistence where everyone participates in its growth and development.

Personal Rating

After having created a user account in this social network and using it I can say that it is a decentralized social network that promises to be one of the first social networks based on the Ethereum ecosystem. There are several features that I find confusing and difficult to understand, that’s why I give you a rating of 3 out of 5 stars, I hope that over time your developers manage to resolve these defects.

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