Transforming Community Health through Systemic Design
Alex Ryan

Thanks Alex for such a wonderful case study of one of my favorite projects by Mayo Clinic’s CFI team. I was wondering if there were metrics around the connection between health and social services. From your writing, I summarized the outcomes measured for the Optimized Care Team experiment. These included: Patient metrics 1) did your care provider know your story and reason for visit (yes or no) and 2) patient visit’s satisfaction (increased, decreased). From the provider’s end they measured: non-visit care, sense of purpose, self-valuation, satisfaction, communication, autonomy, efficiencies, costs (increased, decreased). The role of the wellness navigator (as part of the care team) prototyped ways to connect patients to the community to address non-medical barriers to health. Do you know how these connections or community interventions measured? Would be interesting to hear what Allison, Rose, Leslie and Marc have tested or thought about this ;)