So Long, Apple.
Mister G

Since I’m also looking to buy a new computer (see how I already say computer, instead of Mac?) within the next few months, I’ve been debating with myself a lot if I should give Windows a try again, after all these years of using Macs. I mean, let’s be honest: the design of Windows laptops is not too bad anymore. They’re getting thinner and they are well made.

The one huge problem for me is, that I feel way too locked down in Apple’s ecosystem. iCloud brings all my photos and music together, how would that work on a Windows computer? Probably not as seamless as it does now. Also, I’m a huge fan of Final Cut Pro X and I would not want to switch over to Adobe Premiere.

There’s also so many more apps I’d miss: Just thinking about losing Alfred (which replaced Spotlight for me months ago) makes me cringe.

I have to admit the new MacBook Pro has flaws and is probably way too underpowered for it’s price tag. I don’t think I’d get much use out of the touch bar and the price is, well… at the end of the scale.

I’ve decided that I’ll wait until the end of sommer (new Macs at WWDC?) with my decision. I need something to replace my MacBook Air and iMac soon, I’m just not sure if I’ll be strong enough to leave Apple’s ecosystem — atleast Mac wise.

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