Ever feel as though you are dangling in mid air? Holding on for dear life? Dangling but when you look up to see what’s keeping you from falling you see nothing. You don’t know what’s keeping you from falling or what you holding on to exactly but, you’re still holding on so, that counts for something.

What we all are holding on to is our purpose. That’s our reason for being here and not giving up on our not so perfect lives.

“What is your Purpose?”

You read all these Books, inspirational quotes on Instagram and Podcasts looking for the answer, hoping for the answer, YEARNING for the answer thinking it will be told to you. Hoping that someone will give you answer and all of your problems will be solved.

How unfortunate that it doesn’t always turn out that way…

And when it does not turn out that way, I would hope you keep searching.

It sounds strange that a person can find their purpose in something as simple as a Instagram post or a TED talk but it’s even more strange that anyone would give on finding it in the first place.

If you haven’t found what you’re hanging onto exactly, don’t worry and don’t let go.

Hanging on to whatever is keeping you up is you holding on to finding you’re purpose and wanting to truly be your most “authentic” self.

Never Let go.