Objective: Implement explosion animations for the enemy when then are destroyed.

To make the enemies explode when they are destroyed, let’s start with creating the animation controller and then the animation clip.

Objective: Implement a simple title screen main menu through loading scenes in Unity.

First, create a simple title screen by making a new scene.

Objective: Overview of the switch statement for conditionals implementation.

Switch statements are similar to if / else statements. Many programmers suggest using switch statements if more than two else if statements are used in an if / else block of code.

For example, in our space shooter game, in the…

Objective: Implementing code efficiencies by making the powerup system modular.

Now that we have one powerup implemented, the tripleshot powerup, we will continue with adjusting the code to implement multiple powerups using arrays and the switch/case statements.

In the script Powerup.cs, we will use a variable to contain the powerup…

Objective: Implement 2D sprite animation in Unity.

To create an animated powerup game object for our triple shot power up, let’s begin by making an “Animations” folder under “Assets” in the Project pane. Then, select the “Triple_Shot_Powerup” game object in the Hierarchy pane. In the menu, select Window > Animation…

Objective: Summarize the progress of the space shooter videogame tutorial so far.

I started this Unity C# tutorial series with GameDevHQ a few months ago, a little before August. (Before Labor Day, I paused for two weeks to take care of family who are out of my current state of California.) I started with learning the basics and some C# best practices and progressed to a playable prototype with primitive shapes for game art.

Manuel Cabacungan

VR Enthusiast, Unity C# Development Student

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