Reading on small screen

Is reading long text with smartphone still scaring?

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I was talking with the journalist about the contents of a new web page, she asked me the following question:

“How long should the text be?”

I say, what a naive, it could be any length, we have no borders online, we could scroll endless, long text will be longer!!!

But she still ask me the same question:

“Yes, but, how much do the people reads on mobile?”

I have no answers. I read on mobile everything, even long, boring, books;
but i’m not the “people”, even it will be an average user to refer, he’s not me.

So I tell her something weird about mobile vs desktop, trends, wearable, IoT! Someone stole my car! There was an earthquake! A terrible flood! Locusts…

…and there was no more discussion about the length of texts, the web page goes online and everyone was happy, but the question remains the same

How much do the people reads on mobile?

I started searching some insight around this topic and i want to share them with you:

It seems that we, the people, enjoy long article on mobile more than short ones, well written ones more than all.