I am Manuel and I am an addict.

Not from alcohol. Not from smoking. From Apps. For years I’ve been a heavy user of Apps — Social Networks, Video Platforms but also Games and even weather Apps. Without noticing I circled down a spiral to a more and more extended use of the smartphone. Carrying a power station with me to support my extensive smartphone use was becoming normal for me. Constantly checking my phone when waiting for something (even if it was just for my cappuccino at the coffee machine) was a habit I got used to. Even while…

In the last few years I’ve been reading a lot about internalized Homophobia and how our upbringing with „straight gender-roles“ might influence our life as out-and-proud adult gay men. It’s a fascinating topic, which has certainly a lot of truth and depth but at some level I could never really identify with all the theories in these books. My parents were always very loving and kind and never made me feel „weak“ or „less“ because I wasn’t into football or other stuff „boys just do“. My classmates were also very easy going and didn’t mind me hanging out with girls…

Manuel D

Videojournalist from Austria. Living and working in Munich.

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