The Journey of Firebase 🔥 — Realtime Database

Firebase Realtime Database

Hello guys, in the past post we show an overview about what Firebase is, if you don’t saw yet, please check it here.

So, now it’s time to talk about the services of firebase and how to implement them in an app, in this case we will talk about the Firebase Realtime Database.

What is Realtime Database?

The Firebase Realtime Database is a cloud-hosted NoSQL database that lets you store and sync data between your users in realtime.


To set up the firebase and use the Realtime Database on your android project, we need to create an Firebase project at Firebase Website.

Creating Project at Firebase Console
Selecting The platform you want, in this case we will choose Android

After that you need to add the json file and the dependencies on your project, like that.

Download the json file and add to your android project
Add this dependencies to your project

So for this journey I created this basic project to understand in pratique, you can see all the code and download it on my Github.

Save data to Realtime Database

Screen to save data

For save data to Realtime Database, first you need to create a model.

Model for our project

On your activity(in my case) or fragment, initialize the FirebaseDatabase and the DatabaseReference.

Initialize the FirebaseDatabase and the DatabaseReference.

On your button, set the action to save the data on Realtime Database.

The code to save data

So that is it, you can see the complete file here.

Retrieve data from Realtime Database

Screen to show the data from Realtime Database

First you need to create your ViewHolder file and extends from RecyclerView.ViewHolder.

Create your the RecyclerAdapter that will extends from FirebaseRecyclerAdapter and implement the onCreateViewHolder and onBindViewHolder method.

On the activity(in my case)or fragment for retrieve data, create an method to instantiate the FirebaseRecyclerOptions and the viewHolder that we have created. After that set the adapter to the recyclerview (rv).

Don’t forget to initialize the FirebaseDatabase and DatabaseReference.

override the onStart() and onStop() method to call the startListening() and stopListening() listener.

Delete data from Realtime Database

screen to delete data

For delete a row, in the button for delete, you just need to call the removeValue() method from DatabaseReference and passing the key in my case the phone.

just it.

Update data from Realtime Database

screen to update data

For update a value, in the button for update, you just need to call on your button action the setValue() method from DatabaseReference and passing the data you want to update.

Just it too.

So, that is it for now, if you don’t know what is firebase 🔥, you can check my previous article here. And don’t forget to see the full code here.

Thanks to you for reading this post! Please do 👏 if you liked it and want more posts about firebase 🔥 and android development.