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Thank you both. This was a good read. Let me add something real quick.

  1. When Muhammad was at war, he made a pack with his enemy. It stated that if he (Muhammad) found any of his enemy’s people in his land he would send them back, and if any of his people found their way into his enemy’s land he didn’t want them back. Why did he do this? It just doesn’t make sense. Not until you realize his motive behind it, one of Islam’s drive; to convert others to their religion of peace. For the firs part of the pack, he was so confident that he could convert every enemy that crossed his border and that the converted would in turn convert others in the enemy’s land after sending them back, that I could just picture his grin in private when the pack was finalized. The second part goes without saying, if he belived a newly converted could convert other, what of an established believer that found his way (or was sent) across the border. This is not only genius but goes beyond the closed minded view that the enemy is only defeated when beat, with out thinking about the best way toward peace — equal footing. This could of taken a long time to accomplish, but not as long as draining or dwindling the enemy into submission, which still a present view and blatantly barbaric.
  2. On this point I’m going to keep it short (I’m not looking to get recruted or it’s opposite) but if Obama and Clinton can be pawns in their games, Trump would probably pay — instead of get payed — to be a pawn. This now seems exactly like what he’s doing.
  3. This one just hurts. The pain of grieving parents for their offspring demise is unmatched, period. Be it from war, or away from war. The though that someone would talk back, let alone attack, a parent with this pain defies ration. As far as them supporting a war agains fellow Muslims. Rest assured that they are probably more troubled by this than you or anyone for that matter. They probably rationalize it like any other sane person. They’re not out to kill the peaceful Muslims or even the families of the non peaceful, they are out get rid of those disturbing their peace as the US is for themselves.

Don’t take this personal and I’m not trying to sound conceded, but I won’t respond to any replies. But I’ll like to share what I think should’ve been the only topic for replies under this post, and that is that something is comming for Clinton, and it’s probably really bad. In my view, unlikely to topple her lead completely, so I’ll put my faith on collective good gudgement and carry on. Vote wisely.

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